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Sunday, May 3, 2009


There is something very wrong feeling about working on a I know I should be grateful...and I am...but I still feel like sleeping in...or having a fresh coffee that I just ground the beans for while still in my pajamas...then drinking it really slow while reading my book or hanging out with the computer...or just doing nothing...hmm...Oh well,it does not happen much...

Sitting here in my window for the 1/2 hr I do have before I must head out...the sun is starting to light up the dew kissed grass which is getting greener and soon will be ready for mowing. It is quiet; I can only hear the tiny whistling snore of of the dog who is asleep on the floor, the the sound of my fingers pounding on the keyboard, and the slurp of my coffee which I must drink faster than I would like.

I have just made a decision to have a good day no matter where I am. My choice yes?