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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened...

Let me reintroduce myself; it has been too long. I'm Liza...AND...

I love the thick and juicy burgers my friend Andre whips up. We call them Dre burgers and I look forward to them especially this time of the year. I watch with sweet anticipation as he smacks the meat jammed packed with all its secret ingredients from hand to hand forming the perfect disk, knowing I'll soon be biting into one of these tasty delights. I look forward to a steak, med rare, thrown on the BBQ and the onions sauteed in all it's meaty juices. I am the one who loves the fresh sausage at the farmer's market. I sometimes cook a roast on a Sunday afternoon just to have the aroma seep through the house. When hamburger is on sale I buy pounds of it. I always order the meat lovers pizza. Pulled pork...well hold me back. kibbi, well, I'll have a side order of that. I grew up on Bologna in all it's marvelous forms. I never know what to cook for vegetarian friends.

So when I woke up a vegetarian about a month ago it really confused me. I thought I was done with identity crisis. That's right, with no explicable reason I woke up one morning not caring if I ever ate meat again, not wanting too. In fact, I was a bit repulsed by the thoughts of devouring animal tissue to get my required nutrients. Nothing happened. I did not see the movie Food Inc. (many have since asked me this question) I did not see rotten meat, road kill, or have a bad experience. In fact the night before I enjoyed some great ribs and some meaty lasagna. I could not and currently can't think of any reason for this strange twist in my taste buds.

Initially I was in denial. I went shopping as usual. Straight to the meat dept as usual. I couldn't"t do it. I had to get away from there quickly. Well, I had no choice but go with my body's instructions. I assumed I would resume my normal habits as soon as I started making sense again. Nope, It has been a month and the urge has not yet returned. Although I am not yet calling myself a vegetarian (sounds so committal and limiting??) I have no desire to return to my life as a carnivore. WEIRD!!!!!

THEN A FUNNY THING HAPPENED...I started to feel better, spiritually and physically...though I had no idea I could feel better or that my body felt badly. SMART BODY!!! Then, in seeped the protein panic. I have always admired vegetarians, but wondered about protein. I mean in my previous state of mind I could only imagine consuming so many nuts, cheese, peanut butter etc...

Since then i have learned so much more. I've discovered a whole new world of spices and foods rich in everything I need. I've made a nut loaf, veggie lasagna, parsnip and ginger soup, quiche, a tomato and basil pizza. I've discovered corn pasta, kamut pasta. I'm having fun with quinoa, ...and...and...and...It has been an exciting gastronomical adventure, but not yet a challenge.

I love eating this way.

I've looked for answers. I've tried to blame hormones perhaps...but I can't find any biological explanation for any of this. I don't know where its going, how long it will last, but I am enjoying the transformation thus far and the process of becoming a vegetarian. MAYBE (-;
I'd be interested in hearing stories of why you chose to be/why you are vegetarian. Thanks to my friend Andre Comeau for the pics.