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Monday, February 22, 2010


July 10th, 2010 Winter is far from my mind on this beautiful warm & windy day but...

This was originally written in Feb. during the Olympics and I feel its still worthy of posting even though months have passed. CLEARLY I am still working on being a regular blogger. It could happen.

Okay, so last night for the first time in my forty-one years on Earth I watched a hockey game from start to finish. Not only did I know when the hockey game was coming on which is strange enough but I planned my entire evening around the start time, ran to bed during a break and then stayed awake well beyond my normal time to see the end by which I was angered and then could not sleep. Finally I understand what some of my co-workers are all riled up about. I use to think it silly to pay such attention to matters like this, and all the chatter about what should have happened... It's not just hockey though, I have been glued to the TV watching an array of Olympic events. What's wrong with me? For some reason this time around I am paying attention and it's exciting. I'm screaming "common, common!", I'm stressed , I'm having outbursts Of "yes!" moments sitting on the edge of my seat during finals cringing at the falls etc...

It all started the week before Olympics with the tear-inducing commercials and that I Believe song...gets me every time. The innocent looking young gal in the winter white coat, all angelic, calling this country and the world together. Usually I am not much for pop type music and all that goes with that but something about the scenery, the reflective and hopeful nature of the song made me want to watch, made me feel some Canadian pride...and that other commercial with the man of colour waiting at the airport for his family to come from an obviously warm place while holding a fresh Tims in his hand...Gawd! I don't even like Tims, and aside from having worked there for a VERY BRIEF period in 1992 I rarely go there, but this commercial makes me want to. I think I'm going mad. Maybe this entry is a reflection on the power of advertisement rather that the Olympics itself.

I'm all confused because I have such mixed feelings about the Olympics and all the money spent on getting ready. Now, I'm not once of those protesting types but I have wondered if the Olympics were a good thing and imagined all the good that could be done in the world with the money spent...and then I watched the opening ceremonies, you know, the parade of athletes and I understand a bit better. I get a warmish feeling from seeing all these countries represented and under one roof. It does kind of give you a nice feeling. I just wish the nice feeling would last after the Olympics are gone and I am normal again, not watching or knowing anything about hockey.

Its July now and I'm all normal again and have no idea what's happening in the sports world aside from the soccer and I have no choice there. Last night on the National news there was a blurb about how Vancouver is way over the initial budget for the Olympics and I remembered that I had started this entry and didn't post I'm posting it so I can remember that I actually enjoyed the Olympics.