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Saturday, February 28, 2009


This was a long and frustrating trip back from the Rock. Sorry about the swear word for more sensitive ears, but when I'm in Newfie mode, I swear it just happens.
Also, I have just posted a new entry, but it is showing as Feb 17 because that is when I started it and did not get back to it until yesterday. ("Eatin Stuff") Guess that's how it goes..remember I'm still in learning mode. So, enjoy. The birds are chirping outside my window, springy feeling, but just a tease I think. Rapid freeze warning today...hmmm.
Later, Za

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wintery Morning

I so don't know what I'm doin, I wanted these photos to be in certain spots throughout the text.


Hello There, This is so strange, cause I still don't know who I am talking to...oh well, at the very least I write...and I must.

It was such a beautiful morning. At about 6:30 am I was outside with the dogs and I was just amazed with Mother Nature in all her beauty. I actually decided to stay outside for a few minutes. (instead of my usual "quickly, Sappho quickly" speech that I give the poor dog) I breathed in the fresh air and thought about this day.

There was a quiet stillness in the air. There was a thin fog all around me. I felt a strange little rush of excitement, but a calmness all at I was the only human on Earth at that moment. It was all very weird. It might have been a "thin moment" where I merged with the Earth for a second...or I might have still been asleep. Who knows?
The tree branches were covered in a glistening snow, not quite ice, still snow, so kind of fuzzy looking, but shining as a response to the rising sun. The sky was a little pink as you can see in the background of some of the photos. Again I hear my mother's voice telling me that sailors must take warning, and since I'm not a sailor I guess I'll be okay; however I know a few so I'll watch out for them. We are expecting a storm later today, so again, maybe me Mudder was right. Maybe everyting me Mudder said was true... I'll explore that one later...
I don't really appreciate winter much aside from mornings like this and an occasional cross country ski day. And I will admitt, a good ol storm day when you are forced to stay home and drink hot chocolate is not so bad either, and well, there is somethings about building a snow figure (not sure when a "snowman" became a "snow figure" ...hmmm, most likely during a women's study class covering the use of sexist language...ANYWAY...). Yeah, so then after taking in all in and taking a few shots I came back in the house and carried on as usual.

Later in the morning I stood in the kitchen cooking lasagna. The sun poured in the window, but the trees which I can see from the kitchen window were still covered in snow. After a bit, I looked out and thought it was snowing gently, but it was just the snow slowly falling from the tree branches making it look like it was snowing only under the trees. It was like a wintery story book that came alive. I am very glad I took the time today to pay attention. Oh, and the lasagna was perfect!! Feeling very fortunate to have such beauty around me, but feeling even more lucky to have the time and thoughts to appreciate it.
These are a few shots from the backyard...oh, and meet Sappho. Testing this video thingy. Yeah and I'll work on the format of where to place
Later, Za

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eatin stuff

The dog just entered the room eating a red ink pen. He likes to eat pens. He finds them everywhere. He likes money too, just coins. He finds them everywhere, places I don't think to look for money I guess. Think I might collect them (the coins) for a year and then buy him something really nice, like a great big dog chewie that looks, feels and tastes like a pen. How I will know if it "tastes" like a pen is yet to be determined. He knows he is not supposed to eat pens cause he looks at you all guilty and sweet.

When I was younger I ate things I was not supose to eat too. Maybe he'll grow out of this.

Remember that...when you were younger and you ate things that were not really designed for eating? Remember, well lets say erasers. "Rubbers" have come to mean something entirely different, but that's another topic for another day.

When I was a child I chewed on my rubbers all the time. Maybe that's why I always had to borrow one from Kelly... because I ate all mine. Yup, it did not matter if they were on top of a pencil or in a pencil case. They were mine, all mine, to munch on. Remember those great big rubbers, the "giant" ones? Some actually had the word giant written on them. You would have to actually make some GIANT mistakes to need an eraser that big, but my what a feast for a girl who enjoyed eating them. Not big bites, but little descret bites. Particularly I enjoyed the blue end, the end that claimed it could erase pen.

Well, what a miracle that was, to erase pen I mean...hmmm...

I was not allowed to have a pen. A pen was , well, a forbidden privledge meant only for adults, the ones that did not make mistakes...yeah right. (another post pehaps)
A pen was something your teacher had, something she corrected your work with. I had a pen though, a secret treasure I stole from the librarian at my elementary school. Slipped it right up under my white turtle neck sleve one day when I assumed she was not looking.

Once you wrote with a pen, there was no going back. Even when I tried to erase my pen with the side of the eraser that claimed it could, it ripped the pages and well, my work did dissappear but only because I tore the page. I guess gentle would have been the key. Slow and easy,
"g-e-n-t-l-e" Za!!! Still have trouble with that one. Either way, my stolen pen was my secret joy and a prized possesion. Sometimes I would make marks just to try to erase them. Now of course this is all before the day of the big miracle "ERASABLE PEN" by BIC. Another wonderful invention, and tasty treat I might add. It smuged the words away, but they were always there under the new word, so why not just eat the useless eraser.

I was a weird child, everyone said so. I did not mind. I still don't mind. I'm a bit of a weird adult too.

I wonder what the long term effects of eating the blue halfs of yours and all your friend's erasers are? Ate pencil erasers too, and chewed on the pencils like some kind of freaky child. Don't think I was nervous. I loved it when the paint on the pencils came off in my mouth, once I got it started I could peel the rest of the paint off and see the natural brown colour underneath. I liked looking at all the teeth marks on the pencil.

I used to eat glue too. The white stuff that dried clear. I would wait until it dried on my fingers and then I would peel it off with my teeth pretending it was my skin. Yup, not too weird, not too bad tasting either, kind of sweet. I also ate paper sometimes. When everyone else was making spit balls I was swallowing them. Guess I just liked office supplies.
What else...well there were those crazy waxy sticks with some kind of suggary liquid in them. (What the heck were they and why did parents give them to their children?) The objective was to bite or cut off the end and then drink the sweet nectar, but no, I ate the whole damn thing, and birthday candles too. Chewed them like gum, then swallowed everything. Lets add crayons since we are at it, but I spit them out after I chewed them up. Guess I just liked wax. And, oh yes, I ate caulking, or chewed on it like gum and some other kind of black rubbery stuff that felt like gum.

So yeah, eatin stuff is a strange topic...but just so ya know, I don't eat any of those things now and I have turned into a well balanced, normal functioning adult, (just have some odd tales) but I still swallow my gum and I will still pick glue off my fingers given a situation where I might have gluey fingers) but I don't eat it.

And on a sortta related matter, just the other day someone told me that he made his little sister eat a caterpillar by convincing her it was good.

It would be interesting to hear about weird things others ate.
Bon appetite, Za

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is a bird that flew into the house and lived here for a couple of days. Isn't it cute...looks right at home perched on these birch branches.
I was working out in the basement when all of a sudden it flew out of nowhere all in a panic, flying aimlessly, me ducking down, arm across my face as if this tiny creature was going to peck my face off or something. Poor dear was smashing into walls flying into windows trying to escape. By the time I had a chance to open the window it was trying to escape out of, it had given up on that idea. Then it joined me upstairs again still frantically flying about in panic mode... freaking out the dog and cat...and Za. So i opened the door, but i had to go to another room for minute and when i returned the bird was gone...I thought. Relieved, I closed the door and carried on as usual.
The next day I opened the door when I got home and there it sat perched on its new tree, warm and happy and calm it seemed. There were things all over the house...fresh herbs scattered on the kitchen floor, bird food treats in a pile on the floor, and there seemd a weird sense of calmness among the animals who had lived with a bird all day. So I took a moment, grabbed the camera and snapped these photos as evidence because up until this point nobody else had seen or heard the bird and i was feeling a bit insane. I opened the door and it eventually flew out, back to his other life.

It was all a bit creepy I have to say. I'm not really that superstitious, but I know the symbolism of the bird in the house, if I remember correctly, is not good. All I could hear was my mother's voice saying it meant death...great! Just when things are getting good.

Anyone know any GOOD symbolism? Anyone know what kind of bird this is? Its belly is a very pretty green, emerald...and on its back it has little,rusty specks. Not much of a bird person.

Thanks so much for your comments everyone. This is all very fun so far. Please stay tuned as Dose Of ZA and Za evolve...who knows what's to come...
Tara, I loved your description of what you would do if love strikes you...such a poet you.
Bon, I plan to dedicate some time to reading your blog and navigating your site. It looks awesome. I actually decided to do this after metting you & co. at the SS. Yes, think you are right...weird public monologue...that's why I think I might get hooked.
Allycat...yes, I personally am submerged in I do believe you can be in I have no clue how I got here, if I'll drown, boil, or where I shall end up, but so far so good.
GV, We had fun too. Yes, we are in very good shape to be so blessed. (for lack of a better non- religious wd here) Back to writing now...goodnight everyone. ZA

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day

Happy V not that "V" the other one, the Saint. This, yet another day that was originally a pagan festival. Then there is that winged fella with his arrow shooting it all over the place...dangerous.
So this is my first post, a test run of sorts, I'm not even sure how all this works yet but I am all excited about how this might evolve. Bear with me because I am sure as I learn more about this that things will be changing. My intention is to write something weekly, maybe daily if I like it!
Once I navigate my way around in here I plan to add some videos and other fun stuff. I'm gonna try to keep it casual but hopefully thought provoking as well.
Today is Valentine's day so I think the question I will consider surrounds that big four letter word L-O-V-E. What is Love? Why are we obsessed with it? Why do we seek it, need it? Crave it if we don't have it?
Very powerful word this one. Now I am not talking about the love you may have or are expected to have for your children, or your parents, I am talking about romantic or sexual love. (and how are these different...are they?) That powerful emotion that sometimes makes us act all silly and crazy. The emotion that makes us do big things like uproot a perfectly happy and secure life to be with the one you love far away. Then there are the little things like taking twenty minutes to pick out that just right shirt that shows just enough cleavage to be sexy but not enough to be considered loose so your potential lover/current lover will be drawn to you...or at least your boobs? We do so many things in the name of love.
I myself have been IN what I thought was in Love, well, at least twice, each time unique and very real. I take love quite seriously. For me love is all encompassing. I like the feeling of being in love, though I must say after a not so good break up from what I thought was love a while back I considered never ever letting myself do that again! No wonder they call it falling in love.
Falling is a dangerous thing right? You can get hurt; you can break bones;you can bleed.
So why is it that we let ourselves go there? Why are we drawn to it? Nobody wants to "fall". Falling is sudden and unexpected.
Have you grown to love someone you never thought you would? Or have you sworn off love forever? Have you fallen madly in love with someone that gives you that tingle, but they are unattainable?
I'd be interested in hearing stories about something you did for love that other's thought was irrational, or that in retrospect you feel was crazy. Are you someone who could care less if you ever experienced love?
I'd also be interested in stories about how you did something BIG for love and never regretted it...knowing that you right thing...happy ending stories...yes, deep down i am a big
ol sap!
This is amusing because I don't even know to whom I am talking. This is a test run remember... so stay tuned.
Later, Za x