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Monday, June 1, 2009

Knotty Trees

Some old trees in a local park really caught my attention this weekend. They are not unlike human skin in the aging process. There was something that really came to life for me for the duration of my walk.
Today it is entirely too windy for me. The crows don't think so though. Looking out my window I see three of them perched on a birch tree just carrying on like it is a normal day. One crow is actually sitting on top of another doing what I can only describe as grooming. The other one waits then takes a turn. While hewaits he appears to be keeping a watchful eye. They don't know I'm watching. What a treat. Now they have switched places and watchful crow is being groomed and groomed crow is watching. Maybe this is a way of keeping warm. I like crows and trees. Last year I saw a crow with a few white feathers on his back. He has not yet appeared this year.