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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I wonder how much time in life we spend waiting for things? On Monday morning I am usually waiting for Friday to arrive, but not before I wait for Monday afternoon to arrive so I can go home and do fun stuff. I wait sometimes for the alarm to go off before i get up, this is if I wake up slightly before it's roar. I wait for the coffee to brew, wait for the dog to poo, (this rhymes...hmmm...) wait to pay for food at the cafeteria line up, wait for reports to print.
What else?...well, so far this morning I have done a few of the above but what I mean I guess is actively waiting like not doing anything else because you are waiting for the thing you are waiting for to happen. Examples of this: waiting for the water to get warm or to that just right temp before you get into the shower, waiting in line ups such as the grocery store or waiting for a bus, waiting for a late person you agreed to meet on a corner,etc...

Have you ever waited for a phone call? Like a phone call from a loved one that you were worried about, one who should be home by now, but is not...such as a child out socializing, a partner late from work or travelling...seconds seem like years yes?
Have you ever waited to do something important until the moment is just right, like for example working out, or chasing a dream you may have.
Have you ever waited to hear a yes/no answer from an institution that would decide which road you take... seems like FOREVER in this instance!!! Have you ever waited for a cheque in the mail?
What about waiting to deliver a baby?
Waiting for morning...
Waiting for evening...
Waiting until it stops raining to go for a walk...waiting for something to download/upload/reload...whatever....
I don't know why I'm worked up about waiting...but I am...just wondering if we added up "waiting time" (after a clear definition of course...) what would the answer be...there must be a study on this somewhere... PAUSE...

Yesterday, I decided not to wait and I walked in the woods while it was raining. It was so beautiful. It was a gentle rain, but cool and refreshing. The fresh scents of spring in the air, the sound of the rain and wind in the trees, the fog on my glasses, the droplets of water on the leaves, the wet mushy leaves on the ground, the movement of water in the little pond...hundreds of tiny moving circles brought to life with every little drop from the sky, the sounds of the dogs shaking the rain off their heads,the sight of the dog rolling in the wet brownish, but freshly exposed grass, smiling with tongue hanging out...Glad I did not WAIT for the rain to stop.


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