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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Nap Ever

Yesterday I took myself for a nice long bike ride. It was such a beautiful, hot day that I couldn't resist. There was no real wind to speak of, which is great for biking, but every now and then gentle warm breeze came and went. I  stayed off the main roads choosing a nearby trail. I  didn't have to go too far to find quietness and beauty around here (Needed some of that). I packed a small picnic, a book and headed out. My intention was to bike to the beach but there was one place on the trail where I  stopped for a moment & looked around at the beautiful surroundings. I immediately made the decision to stop & rest for a moment right where I was. I pulled into the woods, parked my bike and layed down in the tall grass, took it all in. I was slightly overcast and the threat of a shower was lingering. I  might have welcomed a brief refreshing  rain shower.  It was so silent except for the birds. I  closed my eyes briefly to  block the sun and to my surprise, twenty minutes later I woke up. It was the best nap I have had in a long while, and who knew but my body that I needed one.I  ate my watermelon,  sat with my  thoughts for a moment, and continued my  journey. I had a new sense of  vigor and a renewed sense of appreciating  special moments when they happen. Our summer is so short, best to enjoy it while it lasts. I never made it to the beach. That will have to wait for another special moment.

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beth said...

Sounds lovely, Za. I am a big fan of napping! You must have had some great energy from your natural spot.