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Monday, August 13, 2012


My feet are feeling the heat from the perfect fire that burns in front of me. I am on a get-away vacation for a few days and this is where I ended up. Milford  House in South Milford, NS. I am sure that this has got to be the perfect place... where I am sitting I mean, and the Milford House itself. My inside & outside surroundings are beautiful. A gentle breeze blows through the cabin as the fire roars creating a nice balance of warmth and fresh air. The lake outside the cabin is perfectly still except for the raindrops that disturb it creating thousands of little circles on the water. I can hear the rain on the cabin roof in a regular rhythm and the wind blowing through the trees.  I am happy that it has rained. It is refreshing and cleansing and  the perfect time for a fire. If it wouldn’t seem insane, I would go lie down on the dock for a moment, enjoy the rain and then come curl up inside. Instead, I might just go for a walk in the woods. Later when the rain stops I will go for a paddle in the canoe. I was not as brave as my lover who chose to  go for a padle anyway. I might get dressed today, I might not. IT’S THAT KIND OF DAY.
There is something special about this cabin. Everything about it reminds me of good things, like the curtains for example, they remind me of a childhood mother’s day project. We used Styrofoam meat trays and glued a squiggly patterned trim around the edges and pasted a carefully chosen picture of ourselves in the centre.  The same trim is on the curtains in this cabin. I have not thought of this project in many years, but it brings me good feelings to remember how my mother made such a big deal over it and pretended it was the most perfect gift ever created. I like the scent of the wood, the upholstery on the couch, the quilt on the bed, the simplicity of it all.

Last night I quite possibly had the best sleep of my life. Free from the distractions of everyday life. No Internet, no TV. I confess though, my radio is never far from me, but I even turned that off for a while.
This morning I made coffee in the BODUM, something I only occasionally do at home because of the rush of mornings. It was delightful and tasty indeed.
I might be forced to sit and read my book while I wait for my lover to return from her rainy canoe excursion. I can see her in the distance. I’m going to move myself outside now. I hear nothing except birds, wind, water and my own thoughts. I need to make this a habit.


shirley limbert said...

you describe it all so well and so lovingly. i'm glad you enjoyed your time away you deserve it. glad M was there to share it. even rainy days can be beautiful in fact can be wonderful by comparison.

beth said...

Sounds so peaceful, Za. It's so hard to imagine enjoying a fire with this heat, but J & I were recently out of town and it was lovely to experience "coolness" and also, a great sleep! You take pleasure in the simple things--so nice. Thanks for the red zig-zag image. I remember making stuff with that too.

bruce said...

I felt like a fly on your wall or even in your brain ! ! !