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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Time to Escape

As I  sit here at my  writer’s retreat, after having done some serious writing and reflecting I am allowing myself to  do some lighter writing.  I have decided that it is "time to escape” from more serious matters and write this post which I have been thinking about for some time now.

A while back I had arrived home from work one day and saw an envelope in the mailbox. Since I had recently ordered some glasses I was expecting a package so I was not overly excited and just left the package sitting there for a while as I went about my routine after work activities. I walked the dog, fed the cats, and got ready for dinner.  After a while I remembered the package and decided to open it, and to my surprise it was not a pair of glasses at all, but a lovely gift from the West.

         I call this gift a special gift because it IS special. There was no real reason for this gift except for the thoughtfulness of two lovely women I have come to know.

              As a writer I will say, I have received my fair share of journals as gifts, all beautiful, all special to me, all close to my heart and very  much appreciated. I have in mind (Or in actual use) a very real purpose for every journal.  I will say though, that this one was beyond any expectations I might have. 

              First, it was for no other reason than to spread some kindness, secondly, it was unexpected; thirdly, it was absolutely beautiful and personalized. This one made me cry. I cried because it was so thoughtful and I felt so fortunate and grateful to have these kinds of people in my life no matter how far they are from us geographically.

              The journal has a beautiful leather bound cover, and on the front images of bicycles going uphill, on the back a single bicycle rolling downhill; I love this image.  It has embedded on the front cover the words “Time to Escape”. This is a reminder of the fact that we do need to take time to escape from daily routine. I am writing this post partially as a thank you to these women and partially as an escape from structured writing.

The The journal cover also has flowers and my name on it.  I love it and will definitely use it and have it for a very long long time.  I intend to use this journal as an escape whenever I need to, starting today as soon as I am done this post.  Thank you Donna and Aud. I do appreciate your kindness and will make sure your gift gets well used.  
NO:  Note: The makers of my beautiful journal cover have a company called Manypawz. They make many many interesting and useful products for animals and their humans. We have been lucky enough to try some of their products and the animals and this human loves them. Check it out.

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