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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bit Witchy, Yes...But Why Not?

I have recently returned from a vacation in Western Canada. While there we visited a town in in BC called Nelson. I loved Nelson. We were not there too long, but long enough to feel the place. There was a sense of wholesomeness in the air. Right away we happened upon two large natural food grocery stores, a vegan restaurant and a bakery with all kinds of special  treats that would please even the most particular tastes buds. (gluten free, wheat free, organic everything etc..., and don't even think about buying bottled water)  Yup, Seemed like a free thinking, anything goes, I don't wear deodorant or shave anything that grows naturally, "of course we have patchouli oil and black star diopside", kind of place.  I  would say "hippy" but I am not sure this is a word we use anymore.

Black Star Diopside. Beautiful.
This is a stone I had never seen before that I was strongly drawn to while in one of Nelson's many unique shops and galleries. I learn now that this stone is related to the birthstone for March and this is a month that happens to have significant life changing meaning for me. I never really thought much about stones and the energy they carry until I participated in a Shamanic workshop and did a paired journey. (Not to get too side tracked, but in this instance you journey for someone else and they journey for you). The person I was paired with  gave me a piece of crystal to hold during the process and while I  saw no harm in holding onto it, I, having had no expectations, could not deny the  power of the energy that ran through my hand and up my arm on the side where I held her crystal.  Ever since that experience I have decided why not...why couldn't stones hold energy...of course they do.
Hmm..too late, got side tracked didn't I?...Oh well... More about stones as I learn...

While I was standing near the amazing assortment of stones I spotted something I've wanted for a while. Power Animal Oracle Cards. I abandoned the stones (leaving them to a customer who said she felt moved to bless them as she was a stone practitioner) to explore the spiritual cards section. I  could have stayed in this store for hours. I may have.

Yes, I liked very much being in a town where I overheard things like "I'm going to bless these stones".

Took me a moment to choose a pack (yes, I even had choices) but I  settled on one and a few other things before leaving. For a while I left them untouched, just placed them near (but not on yet) my altar (yes I have an altar)  but I finally took them out and gave them the attention they deserved. It is a Shamanic belief that Animal Spirits can help guide us, the cards are just a tool to get in tune with your intuition. Either way, I was delighted to find them.

So...after we got back I consecrated my cards taking a few deep breaths, Said a prayer to the Great Spirit and then breathed the prayer into my fanned out cards, which I held close to my heart. Then I thought of a question Which I said out loud.

Now I know this all sounds a little witchy right? You know, to talk to  the "Great Spirit" and all, but before you judge...think about commonly accepted Christian beliefs about that other great spirit and really its not much different. Some flip through the bible to  find a scripture that inspires or helps them, and that is also a beautiful thing. Think about silent prayers you may have said yourself. 

I continued...

I pulled three cards. SNAKE, RAVEN, And SALMON. I lay them out as per  the instructions I read earlier focusing on my intention and my question.

RAVEN and SALMON cards were upside down. I remembered that upside down cards mean you are blocked in that area and that if you pull the RAVEN card that the meaning or significance of the  card next to it is magnified.

Snake is for healing and represents the past (immediate or distant) that one down pat...but RAVEN (who represents magic or power) was blocked and  SALMON (who represents determination...knowing what you have to do...having what you need to accomplish it) was also blocked. Had a brief moment of panic thinking...gawd...My power is BLOCKED. Took a breath, thought about it and realized a blocked card is no reason to panic...just an indication of what to  work on...and i  do know what I  need to  do...and I  do have what I  need to  do it. Just need to channel my  power. Ask RAVEN for help...turn her right side up damn it!

 It was all new to me, but it did lead to some level clarity and for me, that's what counts.

Before I  put my cards away I considered taking a pic of my card spread  for my blog, but decided that didn't feel so right. Instead the next day I  took a pic of the box they came in. 

Now the cards rest on my altar.

I am glad we went to Nelson. The drive was majestic and what a place to  discover a stone I love and to obtain my cards. A place with water and mountains and fresh air, good food and nice people.


Beth said...

Hi Liza: Thanks for sharing this experience in your blog. I LOVE cards too. Would like to see yours some time. It sounds like your trip to Nelson opened up some new channels in you. Awesome! Keep going! You are so wise already. :-)

Anonymous said...

awesome possum za
awesome nelson
awesome raven, snake,...
been thinking of phoning you
have you dreamt it?