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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time For a Trim

Well, Last week I decided it was time, that it had to happen. There was definitely a sense of urgency as I  lugged the trimmer and the  6 foot ladder out of the shed. It had been raining so much and I was planning on going on a trip, so I  had to take full advantage of this rare dry, and warm evening. Yes,I finally trimmed the yews. Quite a satisfying job really.  Although this is only my second time having done it, I feel it went very well. I trimmed a lot, filled the entire compost bin. They were getting so big and had countless branches of various shapes and sizes erratically growing from all angles. Once I got over the part where I imagined it must feel somewhat like this (albeit slightly more psycho) to kill a newborn. That is to say once I  got past the cutting off of the fresh newly formed  bright green branches, I was fine. I was not quite Edward Scissor hands mind you, but I must say  I did do a pretty good job on giving them some shape, and as I living thing I feel they looked as if a burden had been lifted from them, like they could breathe better. Not so tangled up, not so much responsibility. They thanked me. I thanked them.


Anonymous said...

Liza - nice post and you did a beautiful job with the trim! Perfect shape. I remember trimming them myself a couple years ago...with pruners LOL.

D :)

Jeff said...

Thanks for this, Za.

Beth said...

I have never trimmed hedges before, but I know what it's like to pinch back or cut back houseplants. I am inclined to let them grow in an unruly fashion and sometimes give them a trim. Trimming hedges made you feel somewhat like killing a newborn?!? Yikes! You've got a way with language, girl! ;-)