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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day

Happy V not that "V" the other one, the Saint. This, yet another day that was originally a pagan festival. Then there is that winged fella with his arrow shooting it all over the place...dangerous.
So this is my first post, a test run of sorts, I'm not even sure how all this works yet but I am all excited about how this might evolve. Bear with me because I am sure as I learn more about this that things will be changing. My intention is to write something weekly, maybe daily if I like it!
Once I navigate my way around in here I plan to add some videos and other fun stuff. I'm gonna try to keep it casual but hopefully thought provoking as well.
Today is Valentine's day so I think the question I will consider surrounds that big four letter word L-O-V-E. What is Love? Why are we obsessed with it? Why do we seek it, need it? Crave it if we don't have it?
Very powerful word this one. Now I am not talking about the love you may have or are expected to have for your children, or your parents, I am talking about romantic or sexual love. (and how are these different...are they?) That powerful emotion that sometimes makes us act all silly and crazy. The emotion that makes us do big things like uproot a perfectly happy and secure life to be with the one you love far away. Then there are the little things like taking twenty minutes to pick out that just right shirt that shows just enough cleavage to be sexy but not enough to be considered loose so your potential lover/current lover will be drawn to you...or at least your boobs? We do so many things in the name of love.
I myself have been IN what I thought was in Love, well, at least twice, each time unique and very real. I take love quite seriously. For me love is all encompassing. I like the feeling of being in love, though I must say after a not so good break up from what I thought was love a while back I considered never ever letting myself do that again! No wonder they call it falling in love.
Falling is a dangerous thing right? You can get hurt; you can break bones;you can bleed.
So why is it that we let ourselves go there? Why are we drawn to it? Nobody wants to "fall". Falling is sudden and unexpected.
Have you grown to love someone you never thought you would? Or have you sworn off love forever? Have you fallen madly in love with someone that gives you that tingle, but they are unattainable?
I'd be interested in hearing stories about something you did for love that other's thought was irrational, or that in retrospect you feel was crazy. Are you someone who could care less if you ever experienced love?
I'd also be interested in stories about how you did something BIG for love and never regretted it...knowing that you right thing...happy ending stories...yes, deep down i am a big
ol sap!
This is amusing because I don't even know to whom I am talking. This is a test run remember... so stay tuned.
Later, Za x


mare said...

Hey Za, great blog ! great day to start writing. Lots to say about the L word and I dont mean lesbian.. not that you wouldnt have lots to say about that too.
looking forward to more.. more .. more...
your secret

Tara said...

speaking on the subject, i would like to say i 'love' this dose of za! i've yet to participate in blogging, but this was a such treat to read, and i look forward to following it.

as far as romantic/sexual love goes, it remains a complete enigma to me. there was a time in the past that i thought maybe i was in love, but then i think if i had been in love, i wouldn't say maybe. love or not, i'd never fought with someone as passionately as i did in that relationship. so that's gotta count for something, right?

the truth is, love terrifies me. it can save lives or destroy them. it can change who you thought you were. it can take the reigns of your rationality and steer you directly into disaster. but even still, it's far too tempting to cower from. and i know that if one day love happens to parachute by me, with keen animal instinct i will plunge after it blind, reckless, wholehearted.

Gay Vacationer said...

Happy V D to you two.. too. *smooch*

Bon said...

welcome to the weird public internal monologue that is blogging...and happy v day to you.

as far as love, i got lucky but only when i took up with the person who - by virtue of our history - i should never have taken a chance on. yet a part of me felt like i'd actually found someone who, in part, belonged to me. and vice versa. eight years in, still do.

could just be the liquor, though. ;)

Gay Vacationer said...

Last night was a awsome beginning to the 2009 year of social interaction. My mind is clear, my heart is settled and my friends... beyond belief with connectedness. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns but I'm learning to navigate much better as the years go by.

When it comes to love, never have I been so fortunate.

Allycat said...

ah the four letter word. IS there such a thing as IN LOVE? Maybe there is and I have yet to find the true meaning. It is out there and when it bites me, I will feel it.
Great blog Za keep it up and stay blogging!

donna said...

Liza...we love it! Great talking with you guys this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Love...I’m not even sure if I know what that word means anymore. I thought I knew at one point in my life but I’m not positive I was right. The ideal sounds good. Someone to lean on, someone to care for and who cares for you. In my experience it’s usually lopsided though. In one relationship I had I was always the leaner and now I’m always the leanee. I guess it’s good if you can get it...and keep it. That’s the hard part, in my opinion, keeping it. I think that you really have to have enough respect for yourself to allow someone in to love you.