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Saturday, February 28, 2009


This was a long and frustrating trip back from the Rock. Sorry about the swear word for more sensitive ears, but when I'm in Newfie mode, I swear it just happens.
Also, I have just posted a new entry, but it is showing as Feb 17 because that is when I started it and did not get back to it until yesterday. ("Eatin Stuff") Guess that's how it goes..remember I'm still in learning mode. So, enjoy. The birds are chirping outside my window, springy feeling, but just a tease I think. Rapid freeze warning today...hmmm.
Later, Za


D said...

Okay ... this is a great rant! What makes it great is the accent!!!! Truely.
The flat-landers out in Alberta loved this video rant, we just wanted to let you know.
We aren't that flat out here with the Rocky mountains, but ya get the idea.....

Bro John said...

Liza what were ya tinkin? St. John's is terrible at any time and especially so in Winter. I missed 2 flights in July last year. Without the **** your video would not have had the color it deserved. Wonderful..