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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wintery Morning

I so don't know what I'm doin, I wanted these photos to be in certain spots throughout the text.


Hello There, This is so strange, cause I still don't know who I am talking to...oh well, at the very least I write...and I must.

It was such a beautiful morning. At about 6:30 am I was outside with the dogs and I was just amazed with Mother Nature in all her beauty. I actually decided to stay outside for a few minutes. (instead of my usual "quickly, Sappho quickly" speech that I give the poor dog) I breathed in the fresh air and thought about this day.

There was a quiet stillness in the air. There was a thin fog all around me. I felt a strange little rush of excitement, but a calmness all at I was the only human on Earth at that moment. It was all very weird. It might have been a "thin moment" where I merged with the Earth for a second...or I might have still been asleep. Who knows?
The tree branches were covered in a glistening snow, not quite ice, still snow, so kind of fuzzy looking, but shining as a response to the rising sun. The sky was a little pink as you can see in the background of some of the photos. Again I hear my mother's voice telling me that sailors must take warning, and since I'm not a sailor I guess I'll be okay; however I know a few so I'll watch out for them. We are expecting a storm later today, so again, maybe me Mudder was right. Maybe everyting me Mudder said was true... I'll explore that one later...
I don't really appreciate winter much aside from mornings like this and an occasional cross country ski day. And I will admitt, a good ol storm day when you are forced to stay home and drink hot chocolate is not so bad either, and well, there is somethings about building a snow figure (not sure when a "snowman" became a "snow figure" ...hmmm, most likely during a women's study class covering the use of sexist language...ANYWAY...). Yeah, so then after taking in all in and taking a few shots I came back in the house and carried on as usual.

Later in the morning I stood in the kitchen cooking lasagna. The sun poured in the window, but the trees which I can see from the kitchen window were still covered in snow. After a bit, I looked out and thought it was snowing gently, but it was just the snow slowly falling from the tree branches making it look like it was snowing only under the trees. It was like a wintery story book that came alive. I am very glad I took the time today to pay attention. Oh, and the lasagna was perfect!! Feeling very fortunate to have such beauty around me, but feeling even more lucky to have the time and thoughts to appreciate it.
These are a few shots from the backyard...oh, and meet Sappho. Testing this video thingy. Yeah and I'll work on the format of where to place
Later, Za

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Bro John said...

Interesting comment that maybe all that my mudder told me was true, I REALLY am looking forward to this blog entry. Keep writing