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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanks so much for your comments everyone. This is all very fun so far. Please stay tuned as Dose Of ZA and Za evolve...who knows what's to come...
Tara, I loved your description of what you would do if love strikes you...such a poet you.
Bon, I plan to dedicate some time to reading your blog and navigating your site. It looks awesome. I actually decided to do this after metting you & co. at the SS. Yes, think you are right...weird public monologue...that's why I think I might get hooked.
Allycat...yes, I personally am submerged in I do believe you can be in I have no clue how I got here, if I'll drown, boil, or where I shall end up, but so far so good.
GV, We had fun too. Yes, we are in very good shape to be so blessed. (for lack of a better non- religious wd here) Back to writing now...goodnight everyone. ZA

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